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weblandingrevisionIndira Bhagavati (Shelley Riden)
Spiritual Teacher and Life Force Coach

There is a realm of Universal Potential . . . it is the vibration of

LIFE longing for ITSELF

(The secret to authentic power is aligning your intention with THAT)


This vibration – this pool of the-not-yet-created is the connective tissue of the Universe. It is around and within everything.

Creation is constant. In fact, today’s physical world is the result of past energetic pulses echoing through this pool.

As humans, our intentions create mighty energetic pulses, but sadly our intentions are largely unconscious and scattered. You can learn to focus consciously through Life-Force Coaching.


One of our practices comes from the science of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). With it, we align your intentions and emotions with the natural undulations of Life Force.


Not sure what you want?

We can weave in Alchemical Hypnotherapy, to create agreement between your conscious and subconscious minds, or to uncover hidden motivations or blocks.

Know this…

When you align your intentions with Primal Longing (which some call God, and which is certainly Love) you unite with the most powerful creative force there is. When they’re perfectly aligned, and perfectly clear, intentions become laser focused.

. . . and THAT is authentic power!

In my practice I coordinate the left brain hemisphere with the right, and conscious awareness with unconscious motivations. When all of these are aligned –  with each other and with Life Force – creation is mighty.