Indira is a spiritual teacher who works privately with serious aspirants.


When following or trying to find ones life purpose, discouragement is common. It is often our discomfort, however, that motivates us to move to the next beautiful place. This is natural. We are not encouraged to live in a place of dis-ease. The spiritual path is one of beauty and the opening of the heart; the rewards are boundless.



When we are confused, frustrated, hurt or discouraged, the signals we send to the Universe are scattered and out of phase, causing static in our energy fields, and often, even illness in our bodies. Alignment of the energies of our hearts and minds turns helplessness to power, improves performance and effectiveness in the world, and most importantly brings the bliss of alignment with our soul’s purpose. In fact, when the energy of your mind is congruent with the purpose in your heart, the creative instructions you send to the Universal field of potential are clear, cohesive and powerful; it is in this way that you create a life of beauty and influence.


We use several possible modalities (listed below) to achieve these goals. These are determined by the needs of the student. If you are a formal student of Indira’s she may also recommend various trainings for you, with other teachers as well as herself.



I am trained as a Transformational Life Coach (TLC) and certified through the ICF (International Coach Federation), however I also braid other modalities in with traditional Life Coaching, where my client and I agree they are called for.


Alchemy is typically associated with the attempt by medieval “chemists” to turn lead into gold. It is clear from their writings however, that the ancient alchemists were actually mystics, and that ‘turning lead to gold’ was a metaphor for the transformation of psychic wounds into sources of beauty, power and wholeness.

Alchemical hypnotherapy employs conscious trance, with the cognizant participation of the client.


  • Addiction recovery–this work is especially compatible with 12-step programs
  • Healing survivors of childhood abuse and molestation
  • Weight management, including compulsive eating
  • Smoking cessation
  • Healing the underlying causes of physical illness (in conjunction with medical treatment)
  • Stress management
  • Enhancing creative potential and achieving peak performance
  • Solving the problems of co-dependence and relationship
  • Help with decision-making and development of motivation and career success


NLP is a transformational modality that employs and fine-tunes the links between our neurology, our language, and our emotional programming. The interplay between these elements of physiology and attitude determines our outlook on life, our capabilities, our limitations, and the facility with which we overcome obstacles.

NLP is quick. You can rapidly identify and remove limitations that hamper you in your work, your personal interactions, and most importantly in your relationship with yourself.  It is a question of gaining the cooperation of your subconscious mind.


Karttikeyen Yogic Method is an ancient methodology that employs spiritually empowering language while the recipient is in a deep hypnogogic state. The specific teachings used in my practice were created by the beloved teacher Samyama, and presented in her book entitled Karttikeyen Yogic Method, Spirit Speaking to Soul. In the book’s Foreword, my own dear teacher, Munishwarji Walking Tall, describes KYM thusly:

Karttikeyen Yogic Method is a healing modality that is useful for anyone wanting to contact the deepest part of themselves and to escalate their personal evolution to Higher Consciousness. It is an esoteric spiritual therapy for those who are progressing on a Spiritual Path and are ready for more advanced spiritual unfoldment.”


The Hermetic principle “As above, so below” can also be stated “As without, so within.”  Metaphysical Shamanism uses this principle to effect healing on the causal plane in order to manifest healing on the physical plane.

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